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Communication issue disappoints thousands seeking green cards

There are multiple ways in which someone from another country might make their way to the United States. In some circumstances it is tied to employment. For individuals who are highly skilled workers, that may be accomplished via an H-1B visa.

Under the H-1B visa program, each year a set number of highly-skilled workers makes their way to the U.S. on a temporary green card. Once here they are subject to various constraints. After a certain amount of time however, they may be able to secure a green card and become a permanent resident.

Last month, tens of thousands of immigrants who fit this demographic were informed they would move along in the process of securing that green card. Several weeks later, out of the blue, those individual were told there had been a mistake. The reversal was due to the realization that there were not enough green card visas for everyone who had applied for them. According to officials, the problem was due to communication problems between Homeland Security and the State Department.

Immigration matters can be complicated and most navigating the immigration system have a lot to lose. This issue illustrates just how quickly things can change in the realm of immigration in the United States. While it is fair to say that no one expected this to happen, when it comes to any immigration matter, it is best for those impacted to work with an immigration lawyer. That course of action could uncover a course of action that they were not aware existed.

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