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November 2015 Archives

USCIS provides guidelines on portability when seeking green cards

On November 20, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a draft of a policy memo on when a lawful non-permanent resident seeking a green card on the basis of employment can change jobs while still preserving the validity of their original petition. The draft is not final, and the public has until January 4, 2016 to weigh in on the proposed memo.

Global outsourcing operations and H-1B visas

For some businesses in the United States H-1B visas play an important role in getting the specialized workers necessary for the business to succeed. Workers who could benefit from this program include those trained as engineers, medical professionals, researchers and professors. Employers apply for these visas on behalf of the workers they would like to bring to the U.S. Because there is a limit on how many of these visas can be issues each year—85,000—the competition to secure them can be fierce.