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Global outsourcing operations and H-1B visas

For some businesses in the United States H-1B visas play an important role in getting the specialized workers necessary for the business to succeed. Workers who could benefit from this program include those trained as engineers, medical professionals, researchers and professors. Employers apply for these visas on behalf of the workers they would like to bring to the U.S. Because there is a limit on how many of these visas can be issues each year—85,000—the competition to secure them can be fierce.

While these visas can technically be applied for by employers of all sizes, according to one man who was denied a visa, the reality is smaller businesses may find that they are losing out. He believes outsourcing firms are playing a role in this.

According to federal records, 20 companies secured close to 40 percent of the available H-1B visa in 2014. Of those companies, 13 of them were global outsourcing operations. Over the course of the last few years, demand for H-1B visas has necessitated a computer-run lottery to pick the recipients. Because there is a fee associated with each application—up to $4,000—the man asserts that large outsourcing companies can afford to submit many more applications than smaller companies. A spokesman for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services indicated that a random selection process is used when selecting visa recipients

As is the case with any immigration matter it is vital that all paperwork submitted in relation to an H-1B visa application is thoroughly and accurately completed. An immigration lawyer can assist businesses with this.

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