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January 2016 Archives

Do you know what to do if immigration knocks on your door?

For individuals who are living in the United States without proper documentation, the fear of deportation is real. With the raids recently conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in cities throughout the nation, it brings to light an important question. Do you know what to do if immigration knocks on your door?

Supreme Court to determine whether executive order is legitimate

In our last post we wrote about immigrants who, came to the United States from countries in Central America, and feared they would be swept up in immigration raids. If caught, it is possible those individual could face deportation. This is a fear that many people who are in the U.S. without proper documentation face. In an effort to prevent this from happening, a couple of years ago, President Barack Obama took steps to protect some individuals in that situation. To accomplish this, he issued an executive order. It was designed to protect immigrants in the U.S. whose children are U.S. citizens and those who do not have a criminal record.

Immigrants throughout the nation worry about raids

Over the course of the past few weeks many immigrants may have feared being swept up in raids that took place in various locations throughout the United States. Though none of those raids took place in Pennsylvania, it is likely that individuals who reside in the state and fit the profile of the immigrants who were taken into custody, were worried.