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April 2016 Archives

H-1B visa applications

Visas tied to a job are one way in which an immigrant might be able to make his or her way into the United States. Arguably the most popular type currently are H-1B visas. The application for these visas--which are specifically for high skilled foreign workers--are due in early April of each year. The number of such visas available each year is capped at 85,000. Of that number, 20,000 of the visas are specifically for individuals who hold master's degrees.

Reunited Families Act reintroduced

For many people being with their family and loved ones is an important part of life. There are many factors that could keep loved ones apart. Sometimes those factors involved immigration matters. Recently a bill, that could impact who is considered an immediate family member for purposes of family immigration, was reintroduced. The bill was previously introduced in 2013.