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Victim of crime unwittingly triggers arrest by ICE

Criminal charges are stressful for most people to face. The consequences for a conviction can be serious and include large fines and possibly even jail time. These situations have even higher stakes for immigrants. This is because in addition to the criminal consequences that others could face, they might also find themselves facing deportation. In some situations an immigrant could unwittingly find this is happening to them.

Detained immigrants have right to legal counsel

When an immigrant is arrested in a raid in the United States, they potentially have a lot to lose. They could be deported to the nation of their birth, forced to leave other family members who are settled in the U.S., behind. Because of this, it is vital they are aware they have the right to legal assistance. In some cases an immigration attorney may be able to find a basis for an immigrant to remain in the country

Do you know what to do if immigration knocks on your door?

For individuals who are living in the United States without proper documentation, the fear of deportation is real. With the raids recently conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in cities throughout the nation, it brings to light an important question. Do you know what to do if immigration knocks on your door?

Immigrants throughout the nation worry about raids

Over the course of the past few weeks many immigrants may have feared being swept up in raids that took place in various locations throughout the United States. Though none of those raids took place in Pennsylvania, it is likely that individuals who reside in the state and fit the profile of the immigrants who were taken into custody, were worried.

When might an immigrant be deported for committing a crime?

Most people accused of committing a crime are concerned about multiple things. In addition to being worried about avoiding conviction they are often also upset about how others perceive them following the criminal charge. Immigrants living in the United States as permanent residents could be worrying about something else as well—avoiding deportation.

Authorities take immigrants with criminal record into custody

For many immigrants living in the United States, the fear of being deported hangs over their heads. There are multiple factors that could prompt a deportation proceeding including the existence of a criminal record. Late last month, authorities took a total of 244 immigrants, who had criminal records, into custody.